bonnie tavolazzi

Navy Veteran & Spouse

Bonnie Tavolazzi


Damascus, MD


Winter 2019

Favorite Baked Goods


Bonnie is a native of Damascus, Maryland. She attended high school in Dallas, Texas where she received an NROTC scholarship to The Pennsylvania State University. There, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and was commissioned in the Navy.

During her nine years on active duty, Bonnie served as a helicopter pilot flying the MH-60S Knighthawk on logistical, special warfare, and search and rescue missions throughout Europe and the Middle East. After transitioning to the reserves for three years, and realizing the difficulty of future deployments with an active duty spouse and a growing family, she decided to leave the military to focus on her family and pursue other interests.  

Currently Bonnie is a Navy spouse, the mother of two wonderful children, and has her own business as a personal stylist for a custom menswear company. She discovered Dog Tag at a Military Family Association networking event, and immediately knew that this Fellowship was exactly what she needed to unlock her current career’s full potential and open doors to future service and community building.

Her favorite baked good is crusty, home-baked bread that brings back memories of her days stationed in Bella Napoli.

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