atheel al aquel

Army Veteran

Atheel Al Aquel


Washington, D.C.


Winter 2021

Favorite Baked Goods

Chocolate Cakes and Brownies

Atheel Al Aquel was born in Washington D.C. and spent his early childhood years in Maryland, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Atheel moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where he completed his primary, secondary, and tertiary education. There, he competed in soccer, swimming meets, and was IHJA’s Junior Amateur Owner Jumper Champion in 2002. Atheel received an A.B.A. degree from Ivy Tech Community College and a B.S.B. in Management, International Studies, and Marketing from the Kelley School of Business, IUPUI and was a member of the Kelley Real Estate Club. 

Atheel joined the U.S. Army in 2005, where he served two combat tours as a cavalry scout and was a member of his unit’s assault team. Atheel also served in the Army Reserve as a psychological operations specialist where he served as a Tactical Detachment Team Chief, Unit Prevention Leader, and Language Manager and was honorably discharged in 2013. A transition specialist with Hire Heroes emailed Atheel about Dog Tag. Atheel believes that Dog Tag should merge and bridge his educational, military, and civilian backgrounds with hands-on entrepreneurial training while expanding his network.

Atheel’s current favorite baked goods are chocolate cakes and brownies.

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