antwon shaw

Army Veteran

Antwon (A.G.) Shaw


St. Louis, MO


Summer 2017

Antwon (A.G.) Shaw is a Sergeant First Class originally from St. Louis, MO.  He joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1992 after graduating from High School.  After serving two years of part time service he joined the active component in 1994. Using GoArmyEd and the tuition assistance program he earned a Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Studies from Grantham University with an emphasis on teaching and human psychology. 

A.G. is also an accomplished self-taught photographer.  He has a serious passion for photography and it is his plan to follow that passion and start his own photography business. In his time in the Army he travelled the world and saw many things.  He learned that the small business is the backbone of any economy.  It is his hope that through the Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship program he will receive the skill and knowledge that he requires to open and operate a solvent and viable portrait studio that will eventually grow into a multi-media business.

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