andrea martinez

Navy Veteran, Spouse, and Caregiver

Andrea Martinez


Oklahoma City, OK


Summer 2021

Favorite Baked Goods

Anything with Fruit

Andrea Martinez hails from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She graduated from Bishop McGuinness High School, and immediately enlisted in the US Navy. Designated as an Information Technician, her responsibilities ranged from working on the flight line, intelligence, and finally closing her Navy career as a UAV pilot. Andrea was medically retired due to injuries during her deployment in Afghanistan. Andrea is also a caregiver for her wheelchair-bound spouse.

Andrea desired to be an entrepreneur, but lacked the knowledge needed to start or run a business. Hearing of the Dog Tag Fellowship Program, she decided to say “yes” to herself and applied. She shares, “the best way for me to describe this fellowship opportunity is like this—I’m on the hunt for a treasure, my dream business, but I don’t have the treasure map that has the big black X that marks the spot where the treasure is located. I feel that Dog Tag’s fellowship is the treasure map, providing the guidance that will lead me to my treasure and the tools I will need to be successful.”

As a lover of baked goods, a favorite would be anything with fruit in or on it, enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

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