Alumni Programming

Dog Tag offers a growing suite of programming, tools, and resources to drive continued engagement among our alumni and facilitate their ongoing personal and professional growth.


  • Regular check-in calls for alumni, connecting them with each other for social activities and peer support
  • Weekly email with announcements, job opportunities, new initiatives, and resources
  • Dog Tag Alumni community on Workplace, an intranet that allows alumni to communicate with Dog Tag staff and each other over a secure network
  • Engagement with prospective and current fellows. Opportunities include social gathering and events, helping with admission interviews, participating in orientation and closing week activities, and facilitating Learning Labs.

Personal & Professional Development

Mentorship Program

Recent graduates are paired with seasoned alumni who support them as they navigate their first six months post-graduation.

Alumni mentorship focuses around building connections and community, continuing to grow the network, and discussing personal and professional development

Advisorship Program

Provides one-on-one strategic advice to fellows during their five-month course of study and to alumni to help address each individual’s entrepreneurial ideas, professional aspirations, and personal goals


Dog Tag offers regular personal and professional development-focused workshops for our growing alumni community.

Connecting alumni with opportunities to promote their business when possible.

Discussion, analysis, feedback, referrals and more on strategic areas related to building a business and/or public, private, or nonprofit career paths through the advisorship program.


68% of alumni reported¹ ongoing contact with DTI as a key source of support following their participation in the Dog Tag Fellowship Program

Full-time Alumni Coordinator supports Dog Tag’s alumni engagement programs, including executing professional development events, organizing alumni mentorship relations, and managing alumni communication

¹ Based upon DTI’s 2020 alumni survey, administered by the RAND Survey Research Group between November and December 2020; 67 alumni responded to the survey, yielding a 55% response rate. Please note that alumni often fall into multiple categories, so total exceeds 100%.

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