Alli Houseworth Headshot

Coast Guard Spouse

Alli Houseworth


Washington, DC


DC Cohort 16

Favorite Baked Goods

Anything vegan and gluten free!

Alli Houseworth was born and raised in the Washington, DC area and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Producing and Theatre Management from Columbia University.

In 2014 she married her husband, an active duty Coast Guardsman. After 10 years of experience working in marketing for the arts, Alli shifted careers and began teaching yoga. For the past six years, Alli has specialized in teaching trauma-informed, evidence-based, adaptive yoga to members of the military.

Alli came to Dog Tag with the intention of creating a solid business plan that focuses both on supporting as many military members as possible, as well as the vision for her life in the upcoming transition to post military retirement life. She hopes to gain a network of like-minded individuals, a solid business plan, and—believe it or not—new wellness tools to use in her daily life because it’s really hard to take your own advice.

Alli developed a rocky relationship with gluten and dairy and believes creating any delicious vegan, gluten-free baked good is a true art form.

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