alison storemski

Army Spouse & Caregiver

Alison Storemski


Belleville, MI


Summer 2017

Alison Storemski grew up in Belleville, MI. She is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers, one being 20 years older and all from the same parents. Alison enjoys nature, cooking, art, concerts, comedy shows and mostly spending time with her husband, dog, and two cats. She started working at the young age of 16 to provide for herself and contribute to her family. Alison and her husband, Brian, grew up in the same town, but they did not meet until after high school when she became a server at a local restaurant where Brian was a cook. At 20, she moved to Charlotte, NC, to help care for her twin nieces and attend college. In 2010, Brian joined the Army and departed for his first duty station in Vicenza, Italy, and in 2011, Alison and Brian got married by proxy.

Alison and Brian enjoyed living in Italy, at least until Brian deployed to Afghanistan in the summer of 2012. Brian was a combat medic for the 173rd Airborne Infantry Combat Brigade, but three months into his deployment, Brian was shot by a member of the Afghan Army who suddenly turned his allegiance against the Americans during a joint mission. One American soldier and contractor were killed and three others were wounded, including Brian, whereupon he and Alison returned to the United States to begin healing and recovering. Since then, Alison has been a caregiver for Brian, who had his first surgery in December 2012, was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, who is in remission now, and has had his most-recent surgery in April 2016. Brian and Alison struggle with the physical repercussions of war, along with the emotional effects it has had on them. Alison is proud of what she and her husband have endured and is thankful for the opportunities she has had to overcome and grow with her husband through this process. Both are active in the wounded warrior community in the Washington D.C. area. They are thankful for the friends they've made who have had similar paths and understand what it's like to have a “new normal.” Brian medically retired from the military in April 2017.

Alison has worked for three years as an assistant manager in an AAFES concession at Fort Belvoir. In Alison's professional life, she is very organized, reliable, and determined. Alison plans to bring that determination into the Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Program and is excited to be a part of this unique opportunity. Alison looks forward to the experience Dog Tag, Inc. will provide and the education she will receive while learning to run the various areas of the bakery. Alison knows this program will help her identify her true passion and looks forward to developing her business acumen.

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