RAND Report: The Impact of Dog Tag

Dog Tag has continuously partnered with RAND Corporation to develop robust research tools and use metrics that reflect both the holistic and methodological approach utilized in executing Dog Tag's fellowship and alumni programming. The ultimate goal is to gain a richer understanding of how the fellowship program shapes the trajectories and lives of Dog Tag Alumni. Both the updated Research Brief and the Executive Summary are now available for 2022.

Highlights of the report include how the fellowship program has benefited Dog Tag Alumni by helping them take the next steps to pursue their personal aspirations, clarify their professional goals, and develop tools needed to explore career opportunities and approach their lives in more flexible ways. The report also documents alumni satisfaction with the fellowship program as being consistently high, with an average of 94 percent of respondents reporting they were satisfied or very satisfied.

In addition to providing valuable information to Dog Tag to help us refine, innovate, and expand our programming, we believe these findings will be beneficial to other organizations that support service members, veterans, military spouses, and caregivers in their transition to civilian life.