Bakery Renovations: We're Upgrading

Bakery Renovations: We're Upgrading!

By Alisha Mason

Dog Tag Bakery is closing its doors for a few days for a much-needed face lift.  We close at 3:00pm, Saturday February 17th and will reopen at 9:00 am on Thursday the 22nd.  

Renovations (1).png

BUT DON’T WORRY!  Everything being done will benefit our customers, our employees, and our Dog Tag Inc. fellows.  When we open our doors again on the 22nd, we hope you’ll be back and bring a friend (or several). 

An important aspect of running a business is always finding ways to improve.  2018 marks the beginning of Dog Tag Bakery’s third year in this building.  Think of the number of brownies, blondies, and loaves of bread that have come out of the kitchen.  We need a little face lift.  This means, renovation time!  Most of the renovations will be cosmetic; you may not even notice them, but you will definitely be the benefactor.

We’re upgrading the cabinets behind the front counter, which will help us be more organized and efficient to serve our customers.  We’re also adding more power outlets in the dining area, specifically for our wonderful patrons.

Back in the kitchen, we’re getting NEW FLOORS!  Who likes slipping and sliding all over the kitchen with sharp utensils in your hands?  Not our awesome chefs and bakers.  With the new floors they’ll be able to spend more time imagining amazing new recipes or perfecting the current menu, and not worrying if they’ll slip and fall.   

Finally, and probably most important for our customers, we are adding a NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE machine, one of the first in Georgetown.  This system is hot in the coffee scene (in a cold kind of way)!  Coffee is served straight out of the tap, not over ice, and is infused with nitrogen, which creates a smoother and silkier coffee.  Cold brew coffee is great, but with this new system we won’t have to wait hours for the brewing process to complete.

During renovations our fellows will be hard at work, taking Business Accounting and Communications courses from Georgetown University professors and continuing their rotations with Dog Tag Inc. staff.  We are grateful for Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies for opening space for us to keep the classroom instruction going during renovations.  

Our entire staff is enthusiastic for the demolition day to begin.  From Chris, our Head Chef, to Caelan, our Bakery Manager, the excitement is building for the final reveal.  Come visit the new and improved Dog Tag Bakery, and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

We’ll see you on the 22nd!