Vantasia Smith Johnson Headshot

Navy Veteran

Vantasia Smith Johnson


Fresno, CA


Chicago Cohort 2

Vantasia SmithJohnson was born and raised in Fresno California. Before even graduating from Edison High School, she swore to serve her country as a Boatswain's mate in the United States Navy. This opportunity gave her the flexibility to explore a variety of different career paths and ratings that the military had to offer. Her last duty station was at Naval Station Great Lakes, where she worked as a Special Security Representative for the Intelligence Department that ensured the safety of Military Installations in the Midwest Region. After actively serving her country for six years, she decided to commit to her family by becoming a full-time mother. Once her children went to grade school, she continued to serve her community by becoming a Correctional Officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The Dog Tag Fellowship Program caught the interest of Veteran SmithJohnson because she hopes to gain the knowledge she needs to successfully plan and start up a successful business. She also hopes to learn to network and build relationships that empower her dreams and also assure her entrepreneurship is possible.

SmithJohnson’s favorite baked treat are her very own homemade avocado, walnut, and chocolate-chip cookies.

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