Army Veteran & Army Spouse

Angela Samboy-Shaw

She is a mother of three children. She was raised in New York City and served 3 years in the Army as a Logistics Specialist. She separated from the Army to provide care for her first child who was born premature and to provide stability for his care. She has been married for 23 years to her husband who recently retired after 23 years of Army service to our nation.

Her husband found out about the program while attending a job fair and thought it would be something she would enjoy being part of. Dog Tag not only teaches you a skill but I think it will help me to grow personally. She hopes to leverage this experience to build a network and use the tools she learns to assist others. She wants to give back to the military community and hopes to rediscover the abilities to challenge herself to new possibilities after supporting her husband’s career and her children for 23 years. She also hopes to renew a sense of purpose and build lasting friendships. She loves the minimalist and simplicity of baking. Her favorite baked good is coconut macaroon cookies.

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