Going "Outside the Wire" takes guts. It's military jargon for going beyond the relatively safe confines or the support of a base. It takes courage, armor, and the protection of your community. As our Fellows move from their military lives to defining success in the civilian world, going "Outside the Wire" means pushing beyond their comfort zones and redefining themselves. Come inside this journey as our Fellows go "Outside the Wire."

The Value

Whether you are a veteran, military spouse, caregiver, active duty military, or a patriotic citizen, we at DTI want you to share in the joy, challenges, and opportunities we offer to support America’s Heroes. This blog is about sharing their collective experiences; offering invaluable insight into the lives of our nation's veteran and military community members that are important to you.

A verbal 'thank you' goes a long way, but tangible gratitude goes even further.  While you’re here, consider exploring how you can support our program and join us in #bakingadifference in the lives of veterans, caregivers, and military spouses.

The Community of Bloggers

Most blogs are all about one person’s experience with their own families or the families they work with. While this is great, our blog is a little different: you will hear from a diverse group of people, all the time!  We will have veterans, military spouses, caregivers, current fellows, alumni, and guest speakers discuss their impressions on the fellowship program as well as their unique experiences in business and in life.

You are highly encouraged to comment, ask questions, and/or provide suggestions.  We enjoy hearing from our community and our customers!

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