Unlocking the Keys to Communicating Successfully: Hmmm…Huh, Okay?

Unlocking the Keys to Communicating Successfully: Hmmm…Huh, Okay?

By Mika Hunter

I have been told for many years that communication is key to success. Though, what exactly does this really mean? Some might argue the best speakers are those who are most memorable. But––how do you become more memorable? How do you become great at reaching people? How do you convince others to see things your way?

The Dog Tag Fellowship Program can assist!

Most great leaders are excellent at communicating. In the Dog Tag Fellowship, “Learning Labs” present DTI Fellows with many amazing business owners and professionals who have an array of skills to share. Each of these guests choose creative ways to communicate their profession. In addition to watching these professionals in action, there were a few who actively helped us to communicate better.

Most folks in our class never imagined we would be on TV––or at least I didn’t expect it. Yet, this cohort provided many opportunities to shine on the big screen. Jackie Needle, an Interview Expert, taught us a few tricks of the trade to being on film. Her advice and approach to interviewing made many of us feel much more comfortable with the one thing that MOST people in life fear: public speaking. As Mrs. Needle coached and enhanced our interviewing abilities, another mentor, Professor Welsh, honed our abilities to persuade in Georgetown University fashion. We learned the mechanics of persuasive speaking without being mechanical. We also learned to translate our verbal communication into written format. As we enhanced our ability to persuade our listeners, we’d pause. Then…hmmmmm…huh…okay…What was next? Mrs. Allison Shapiro gave us some quick, yet effective methods to cut out the vocal pauses.

As we go forward, we have some great techniques to take with us. While it might take some time to master the skills we have learned, we have obtained a network of amazing communication professors & consultants (and quite frankly, friends) we can call on as we go forward.

A big thanks to Mrs. Needle, Professor Welsh, and Mrs. Shapiro for equipping us with the skills that may be the keys to unlocking our successes!

Mika is an Air Force veteran who graduated from the Dog Tag Fellowship program in June 2018. To learn more about Mika and other Winter 2018 Dog Tag Fellows, click here!