Kick Down Doors and Take Names

Kick Down Doors and Take Names

By Nnana Obioha

I am an Army combat veteran from Fairfax and Alexandria, Virginia. I found out about Dog Tag Inc. from Wounded Warrior Project.

My time at Dog Tag Inc. has been inspirational.

I have been motivated by my fellow peers and individuals that I have encountered while at the program to go to law school. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Information Technology at Marymount University. After graduation in August, I plan on going to law school to focus on Intellectual Property Law.

I plan on bridging my Masters in Information Technology with a JD in Law to kick down doors and take names in Intellectual Property Law. I want to bridge both areas of study and pursue a career in Information Law.

I am currently preparing for the LSAT. I will be taking the exam in June, if all goes well I will attain a good score to attend some of the law schools I have selected out in the DMV area. Georgetown, American, and Howard are some of the schools I have picked out in the area.

I have grown exponentially through the Dog Tag Inc. program.

I suggest all veterans and veteran affiliated members should apply for the Dog Tag Inc. fellowship program. I am motivated to be part of the Dog Tag program; from presentations from alumni to Deloitte’s learning lab on business chemistry.

The holistic practice of yoga and mindfulness has been transformational. Classes such as entrepreneurship with Georgetown lectures have been eye-opening. I have been very impressed with all that has been presented and brought to the program so far. I am extremely impressed with the alumni that have come to speak with us and shared their past experiences with going through the program.

I am eager to see what the next couple months have to offer. I am thrilled to witness my growth as a person and a professional through the program. I hope to leave the program with strong connections, a better IT job, equipped with tools and resources to work towards future goals and to be a law student. 

Nnana Obioha currently resides in Arlington, VA. Following graduation, Nnana began working full time as an IT Specialist with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and is currently applying to law schools. Connect with Nnana via LinkedIn.