Learning Labs & Golden Nuggets

Learning Labs & Golden Nuggets

by Cassaundra Martinez

I came into the Dog Tag Fellowship program as a military spouse with five years of service in the Army and masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology.  The program has three pillars: Georgetown classes, live business rotations, and the learning labs.  I couldn’t say one pillar is more important than the other.  However, for me, the learning labs seem to have a greater impact on my "now." While in the learning labs, we discover all sorts of topics, from how to fund your business to learning our unique business chemistry or how to start a franchise.

All of the professionals who come to speak during the learning labs drop on us one to two “golden nuggets.” These golden nuggets come in different forms, but they are significant and they cause a change in perspective, almost immediately.

I had one of those moments when Fred Wellman, CEO of ScoutComms, came and spoke to us about his business and his experience.  Fred tells this crazy story about how he got fired on the doorstep of Cracker Barrel one afternoon. And after he had exhausted all of his resources in a short amount of time, he realized that he needed to create a business for himself in order to continue to feed his family.

Fred’s professional success has been incredible since that day six years ago.  His passion was palpable and inspiring. And in my head, I’m thinking - what am I waiting for?!

That afternoon, I went home logged on, registered my business name, and purchased my first website. We were three months deep into the program - I knew it what my skills were, I knew my values, and I knew how to use them…

Now I'm learning to do what it takes to grow my business, establish good relationships and build out my network.  I've got the tools I needed to succeed, now it's just about how and when to use them.  See! “Golden Nuggets!”

You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out my new business page GwellaConsulting, which helps small businesses start up their human resources and human capital strategy.

Cassaundra Martinez is an Army veteran and Army spouse of eight years. She resides in Virginia with her husband and six children Ariana, Ella, Noemi, Calais, Elise and son Tobias. She enjoys inspiring others to discover their strengths and translating those to a meaningful career. She is an active advocate for military spouse empowerment and employment and was named 2017 Armed Forces Insurance Army Spouse of the Year.  She graduates from the Dog Tag Fellowship in June 2017.