Sham Hasan, Class of 2015

Sham Hasan graduated from the Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Program in October 2015. He is an Iraqi Kurdish citizen who was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. He served as a linguist and cultural advisor with U.S Army and the U.S Governement during Operation New Dawn in Iraq.

He came the U.S last year through a Special Immigrant Visa program for those who were employed by or on behalf of the U.S. government in Iraq, provided faithful services and have experienced or are experiencing an ongoing serious threat as a consequence of that employment.

He lived his first 4 months with an American family in South Bend, Indiana where He was first resettled, and then He moved to Washington, DC when Sergeant Brian Easley, who was deployed in Iraq extended his assistance to help him transitioning to Washington, DC.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature from Iraq and worked with US Security Private Companies after U.S. forces withdrawal from Iraq. Before He arrives to the US, He worked with a Kurdish nonprofit organization in partnership with the United Nations to help resettle thousands of Syrian Kurdish displaced individuals and families in Kurdistan of Iraq .

As a new comer, Sham has started his first job in the United States with Dogtag Bakery as a Barista and customer service staff. He is still employed with Dogtag Bakery and looking forward to more educational opportunities to improve his business and personal skills.

He is strongly motivated to rise to new challenges and to learn and explore new concepts. He hopes to be the best employee possible for Dog Tag now, but also to learn more about management, finance, marketing and statistics to be a more valuable member of the American workforce.